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  Disappeared Brighton  coordinates: 50.82169844, -0.12383975

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Kemp Town Station was the second terminus of the Brighton-to-Kemptown line ... it opened in 1869, stopped taking passenger traffic in 1932 and finally closed completely in 1971.

The site today

The station was just to the southeast of Queens Park. The site of the station and its associated goodsyard between Freshfield Road and Sutherland Road', where the railway line emerged from a tunnel mouth to form a long flat region cut into the contours of the surrounding ground, is now an industrial estate (the flatness is useful for lorries).

The history of Kemp Town Station and its tunnel is marked by a simple raised sculpture of a green steam locomotive emerging from a tunnelmouth, set into the bushes at the Southwest Corner of the Gala Bingo Hall, on the corner of Freshfield Road and Eastern Road, easily visible to passing pedestrians and motorists.

If you've ever passed this way by bus, and thought that you glimpsed a green steam concrete loco sculpture out of the corner of your eye ... then you weren't hallucinating.

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