Royal Chapel

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The Royal Chapel (not to be confused with the Chapel Royal) used to be in the Pavilion grounds the Pavilion, and was demolished some time after the 1850 transfer of ownership of the Pavilion to the town.

1826 description:


This elegant and spacious room was formerly part of the Castle Tavern, and was esteemed the first Ball Room, for size and elegance, of any in the county. It has undergone a complete revolution, and from being dedicated to joyous mirth and the Goddess of Pleasure, is converted into a splendid temple of the Most High God. It was opened as a place of Public Worship, in the spring of 1821; when one of the most imposing services was performed, that perhaps was ever before witnessed. His Majesty has, during his residence in Brighton, taken regularly a part in the service.

The Rev. Hugh Pearson, D.D. author of the life of Dr. Buchanan, was Chaplain, previous to his promotion to the Deanery of Salisbury.

— , J. Whittemore, , Whittemore's Royal Brighton Guide, , 1826

1838 description:


, adjoining the Pavilion, is open only, during the residence of the Court at Brighton: chaplain to her Majesty at Brighton, the Rev. J.S.M. Anderson. The admittance is by tickets, which may be obtained of the chaplain, and the Rev H.M. Wagner, vicar.

— , Saunders, , The Stranger's Guide in Brighton; Being a Complete Companion to that Fashionable Place, and the Rides and Drives in Its Vicinity., , 1838