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The Prince Albert Mural (also known as "the Frederick Place mural", or "That Mural With All The Dead Rock Stars") was painted by artists Sinna One and Req on the side of the Prince Albert Pub, Trafalgar Street, Brighton, on the wall facing Frederick Place.

The mural appeared in the summer of 2013, and was replaced with an updated version in 2017.

The wall was previously known for its Banksy "Kissing Policemen" mural (which wasn't affected), and its mural of Radio One deejay John Peel.

The original painting of John Peel is no longer there, but Peel's image is included in the new mural, not too far from the position of the original painting.


The mural consisted of 28 images of deceased pop icons (plus Oliver Reed), in a variety of styles, mostly in monochrome, set against a vividly multicoloured background.

The "icons" were:


  • Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash


  • Amy Winehouse, Dusty Springfield, Donna Summer, Syd Barrett, Jim Morrison, Joe Strummer, Frank Zappa
  • Jimi Hendrix, Captain Beefheart, Frank Sidebottom, Sandy Denny, Bob Marley
  • John Peel, Mark Bolan, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Brian Jones, Marvin Gaye
  • Phil Lynott, George Harrison, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Freddie Mercury
  • Ian Curtis, Ian Dury, Keith Moon and Oliver Reed.

The two exceptions on the list are John Peel (who played music but didn't perform), and Oliver Reed (whose "performances" when inebriated frequently involved singing, but who was an actor by profession).

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