Bramham Moor locomotive 201 (Hornby Series E220)

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Bramham Moor locomotive 201 (Hornby Series E220)

Scarborough Flyer - Bramham Moor (HBoT 1938).jpg Bramham Moor No.2 Special locomotive, Hornby Book of Trains 1938-39 (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 2

A green electric 4-4-0 Hornby No.2 Special LNER locomotive 201, "Bramham Moor", with front lightbulb.

The No.2 Special Locos

The D49-class LNER 201 "Bramham Moor" was the fifth member of the No.2 Special locomotive range, replacing the original (also D49 Class) number 234, "Yorkshire", in 1935.


While the other No.2 Special locos (and No 3 locos) had a tubular body and squarish firebox, the LNER "2S" versions had a fully cylindrical body right up to the cab.

Catalogue page, 1938

The Scarborough Flyer, and Bramham Moor, catalogue page, 1938

The original loco

201 The Bramham Moor is listed as having been built in 1932, so even though it was assigned a smaller number than 234 Yorkshire, it was a significantly later loco in the class (Yorkshire was the first of the class, in 1927)

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