M0 Locomotive 6161 (Hornby Series)

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M0 Locomotive 6161 (Hornby Series)

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Arch Three , Area 33
Hornby Series (display)
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A 0-4-0 gauge 0 Hornby red locomotive in the MO series with silver painted lining and rods and M1 style cylinders. With tender numbered 6161.

This is a revised tinprinting of the 1937 MO model, released later in the same year. Instead of a single splasher, two were now printed, and the space between windows was increased. These changes followed the 1936 additions of a simple rod and an M1 cylinder.

The MO models were first released in the 1930-31 season. Using a different scale to the standard Hornby range, these models, the smallest produced in the M series, didn’t always work reliably with standard Hornby equipment, although this model performed well. Their motors were like the older M1’s, with a metal brake lever replacing a wire control rod.

Similarities in the positioning of the smokebox door and the dome are some of the strong similar features to Hornby’s US locomotives.


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