Great Western 5500 locomotive, 6V (Hornby EPM16)

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Great Western 5500 locomotive, 6V (Hornby EPM16)

Hornby EPM16 Special Tank Locomotive, GWR 5500 (HBoT 1934).jpg Hornby EPM16 GWR 5500 No.1 Special Tank Loco (1934 image) (i)
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A green, 0-4-0, 6 Volt DC electric Great Western Railway Hornby No.1 Special Tank Locomotive EPM16 (Electric, Permanent Magnet, No.1, 6 Volt) with black roof and red wheels, running number 5500.

This model was made in around 1935/36, and has a brass knurled knob on its left side, where clockwork versions would have had a hole for a winding key. Large lettering on the side of the tank loco says "GREAT WESTERN".


Externally, it's quite difficult to tell this from the GW No.1 "non-special" electric tank loco - the No.1 Specials usually have more "gubbins" along the top of the loco, but for the GW version there's no extra top detail to add, so the main visible extra feature is the "No.1 Special" set of steps at the side of the driver's cab.

Catalogue illustration

Hornby Special Electric Tank Locomotive EPM16, Great Western 5500, from the 1934/35 Hornby Book of Trains

Original Loco

The actual GWR 550 was a real tank loco ("Small Prairie" Class), made in 1927 (so still comparatively recent in 1934), but was a 2-6-2 locomotive with a sloping upper surface to the front half of its side-tanks.

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