Metropolitan underground locomotive, 6V (Hornby)

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Metropolitan underground locomotive, 6V (Hornby)

Hornby Metropolitan Train Set (1926 HBoT).jpg "Metropolitan Train Set (1925)" (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 3

A brown and gold gauge 0 low-voltage (6V) Metropolitan electric underground locomotive, made by Hornby.

In the Museum

This model is at the back of the left-hand Hornby Wall cabinet, at the rear of the Hornby Countryside display. Although the electric Metropolitan locomotives and their carriages were designed to run underground underneath London, the Metropolitan Railway also extended out of the City into the countryside, where it was instrumental in encouraging the growth of the western suburbs, as the railway allowed people to work in London but live in the emerging surrounding "dormitory towns". While a lot of the trackside land was originally countryside, the influence of the new railways soon caused much of this land to become urbanised.

Since it's right at the back of the cabinet, this loco is a little difficult to see ... but there's an example of the earlier 110-Volt version more easily viewable at the lower front-right side of the double-cabinet.

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