No 0 Locomotive 4797 (Hornby Series)

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No 0 Locomotive 4797 (Hornby Series)

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Arch Three , Area 33
Hornby Series (display)
Shelf 2

A green 0-4-0 Hornby Series No.0 Locomotive numbered 4797, with LNER tender, from 1937-41.


The No.0 s were frequently very similar to the No.1 Hornby trains, to the point where the tenders for both ranges were combined into a No. 0/1, and they were using identical bases by 1937. The most noticeable difference is the handrail which is finished in gold enamel with large knobs. Earlier models seemed less similar, but the differences reduced over time as redesigned housing and the addition of cylinders and rods brought the models closer in appearance.