Tank Locomotive 463, boxed (Hornby No1 Electric)

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Tank Locomotive 463, boxed (Hornby No1 Electric)

Hornby No1 Electric Tank Locomotive LMS 623 (HBoT 1929).jpg No.1 Electric Tank Loco (i)
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A green 0-4-0 LNER Hornby No.1 Electric Tank Tank Locomotive, in its original box.

The loco is green with a green steam dome, wheels and chassis, red buffers, white lining, and "LNER 463" on the side of its tank.

The brown box is separated into two compartments, with the second compartment holding the speed regulator, a dark red or brown box with a curved top and gold lettering by a sweeping lever for speed and a forward/reverse switch. a white label at the end of the box says "NO.1 ELECTRIC TANK LOCOMOTIVE", with a small pale green "dot" sticker legended "LNER".

Catalogue image

Hornby No.1 Electric Tank Locomotive, catalogue illustration, 1929. The catalogue picture seems identical to the museum exhibit, apart from colour scheme and lettering, and apart from the fact that the two knurled electrical adjusters on the loco side are black on the museum exhibit, rather than gold-coloured as in the illustration

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