Flying Scotsman No3 locomotive 4472 (Hornby Series)

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Flying Scotsman No3 locomotive 4472 (Hornby Series)

Hornby E320 Locomotive, LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman (HBoT 1934).jpg Hornby E320 LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman (1934 HBoT) (i)
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Arch Three , Area 33
Hornby Series (display)
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An early (1930's?) green Hornby Series 4-4-2 No.3 locomotive and tender, LNER 4472, finished with the Flying Scotsman name and running number.

This is a slightly "loose" representation, as the real Flying Scotsman is a 4-6-2 locomotive.


The paintwork on this model is "odd" in that it doesn't seem to have been finished. The Flying Scotsman in green livery usually had the first band of its boiler painted black, and this is how the model appeared in the Hornby advertising, but on this example, only the front face of the loco is black, and the rest of the front section has been left green.

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Hornby No.3 loco, LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman, electric ((1934 image)