August 2020

Reopening – 28th July 2020

COVID-compliance certified

The Museum’s infrastructure has now been updated in accordance with Visit Britain‘s guidelines for heritage attractions, and reopened on the 28th July 2020.

Payments are now card-only, there is now also a timeslot booking system to keep visitor numbers under control, and visitors are asked to wear face coverings in accordance with government rules.

June 2019

“LEGO before LEGO – a secret history”

A new temporary exhibition on display from Saturday 29th June 2019.

“Lego before Lego: A secret history”, a special display at Brighton Toy and Model Museum, from the Hatley Lego Collection. Starts 29th June 2019

Based on the Hatley Lego Collection, “Lego before Lego” showcases some of the earlier products of the Lego company, including early Lego sets and wooden toys produced before the company decided in 1960 to completely dedicate itself to the ubiquitous studded plastic brick.

This is a rare opportunity to see some of these products outside Denmark.

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