Racing Motor Car (Meccano Motor Car Constructor No2)

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Racing Motor Car (Meccano Motor Car Constructor No2)

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Arch Two , Area 04
Meccano Construction Sets (display)

1933 - 1939

A boxed green open-top clockwork Racing Motor Car with cream running-boards, assembled from Meccano Motor Car Constructor Outfit No.2 parts, circa 1933.

Pre-built Motor Car Constructor tourer

The car is about thirteen and a half inches long, and has working steering and a working handbrake.

Prebuilt versions

Although the main idea of the Outfits was that the buyer would build them themselves, and purchase a nice flat box with the parts neatly strong onto card, the demand for nice big metal clockworks cars that one didn't have to build from scratch meant that Meccano Ltd. could also supply the main models pre-built, without the unused parts.

This example is one of the prebuilt factory models, and has a correspondingly smaller box proportioned to take just the finished car.

The racing Motor Car Model contained in this box is built entirely of Meccano Motor Car Constructor Parts. If desired, it may be taken to pieces and rebuilt in the same style; or, by means of a few extra parts, it may be converted into a Sports Model of modern design. Full instructions for building are given in the accompanying folder. The Motor Car Constructor Parts, details of which are also given in the folder, may be obtained separately from any Meccano dealer.