Getting here

By Train:

The Museum conveniently has the Brighton terminus of the London-Brighton line on its roof. Travel time from London Victoria Station to Brighton Station (“BTN”) is around an hour, additional walking time from the ticket barriers to our entrance is around ninety seconds.


By Air:

Gatwick Airport is about mid-way along the London-Brighton line, so visitors from abroad can take a flight to Gatwick and travel the rest of the way by train.

Gatwick Airport

By Bus:

Our location under the station means that the handy set of bus stops outside the front of the station are only a minute or two away.

Brighton&Hove Buses

By Coach:

National Express coach services to Brighton terminate at the coach station south of Old Steine, but there’s also a stop before this (Brighton York Place) near the bottom of Trafalgar Street.

National Express

By Car:

Largely designed before the popular advent of the motor car, Brighton is not especially car-friendly with respect to parking, and local policy is to encourage people to take public transport, instead. However, the station car park is reasonably close to the Museum, as is the car park on Blackman Street, a little further down Trafalgar Street.

more car parks