Support Us

The Museum wouldn’t exist and couldn’t continue without support from our volunteers, members, sponsors, and members of the public who make generous donations.

There are many ways to support the Toy Museum – financially or through giving your time.

Other ways to offer support

Haven’t got the time?
You don’t have to be a regular volunteer to support the museum but you can still help us to encourage and entice visitors through our doors. So how can YOU help? How about encouraging your friends and/or relatives to visit us? Or introduce them to our friends, patrons and corporate schemes? Easy…

If you have school age children or grandchildren, let their teacher know about us. Last year we provided fun and educational sessions to over 60 schools from and around Sussex. Educational visits are themed specifically to the Key Stage each group will be learning, and with interactive learning, we provide the opportunity for children to move away from the classroom to a safe environment where history comes to life. Covering a range of topics, from toys and movement, comparing new and old, mechanics and materials, our sessions are consistent with the national curriculum and more importantly we make learning FUN!

Another way you can make a difference is advertising locally for us. From distributing our leaflet around your area to finding and befriending us on Facebook or Twitter. You’d be raising our profile and giving people the opportunity to come and learn about our heritage. If you are a collector then no doubt you regularly attend collectors’ events such as toy fairs and enthusiasts’ meetings. How about taking some of our brochures and spreading the word? We always have plenty of promotional material so if you’re going to a toy fair, auction, steam rally or collectors event just drop by the museum first and pick up a bundle of flyers!