2020 updates and improvements

  • December
    • Tri-ang Blue Pullman train set
    • The museum shuts down from December 26th to mid-May 2021, as part of the government-mandated COVID response.
  • October
  • September
  • August onwards
    • Work resumes on re-sorting the contents of the museum’s archival/storage areas.
  • July
    • The museum is kitted out with COVID screens on the counter, stickers on the floor, a one-way system, and protection equipment and new procedures, and reopens on July 28th.
  • June
  • April-June
    • The decision was made to furlough staff from 1st April.
    • A range of display improvements and changes that had been originally planned for April onwards are put on hold.
  • Feb-March
    • Full speed ahead with work on the the new archival storage bays (non-public area)
    • The Museum closed to the public (due to COVID) on 17th March.
  • January

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