Underslung Lorry with Driver (Britains 1641)

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Underslung Lorry with Driver (Britains 1641)

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Arch Two , Area 16
Aviation (display)
Shelf 3
1938 - 1947

A complete, boxed Underslung Lorry with Driver made by Britains Ltd. in the 1930s as set No. 1641, probably better understood as "Lorry for Barrage Balloon".

The Lorry is articulated, the cab having one forward axle and two rear axles, with doubled wheels, giving 2+8=10 cab-wheels total, plus another two axles at the back of the well trailer, each with doubled wheels giving another eight. All eighteen wheels are fitted with rubber tyres.

Although this lorry was quite obviously designed to be an integral part of the larger Barrage Balloon set, Britains seem to have hoped that if they removed all mention of the balloon set, it might also sell as a stand-alone item.

Box artwork

Box artwork

Box Text

The largest text on the box describes it,

"Mechanical Transport and Air Force equipment'"

, which might be slightly bewildering given that there is no clue given of what the "Air Force Equipment" might be (spoiler: it's a barrage balloon).

The description continues,

"Underslung Heavy Duty Lorry with Driver, 18 wheels. This is a very finely carried out model with rubber tyres."