The Collectors’ Market

The Collectors’ Market has been a popular feature of the museum from its earliest days, and is now an important Museum tradition, allowing us to stay in contact with the wider collector community.

The Market sells second-hand items on behalf of their owners for a comparatively low commission (20%), and usually tries to price “keenly”.

We are also often donated items by people clearing out their lofts on a “do what you like with it” basis, that are not strictly museum-grade, or which we already have in the collection … where we have the donor’s explicit permission, these are also sold through the Collectors’ Market to raise funds for the museum, with the donors knowing that their items have gone to good homes.

Some of the more “niche” or specialist items from the Collectors’ Market will occasionally be showcased below.


Meccano No. 2 Elektron Outfit – £395.00


Terms and Conditions of Sale

Items in the Collectors Market are very much “sold as seen”, usually on behalf of third parties. While the museum makes every attempt to list items accurately before sale, including any defects, we cannot offer guarantees, or offer refunds once an item is purchased.

Similarly, the age of these items means that they will often not meet current health and safety standards. They are sold as “collectors’ items” rather than toys, and should not be considered suitable for children.