Finding us

The Hidden Museum

The view looking North from Frederick Place: Brighton Toy and Model Museum (red signage and double doors), beneath Brighton Station. The blue horizontal girderwork represents the station floor level

Our front door is literally ninety seconds’ walk from the station ticket barriers, but the fact that we are literally underneath the station forecourt can make us difficult to find.

To get here, use the station exit that is next to Marks and Spencers, and you’ll find yourself outside and looking at a set of black railings. Peek over the top of the railings and you’ll see what seems to be the entrance to an underground car park. This is actually the top of Trafalgar Street, and we’re the first business on the street, on the left-hand side of the road.

Using GPS and routefinders

Our address, 52-55 Trafalgar Street, gives an anomalous location with some mapping and route-finding software, wrongly pointing to the middle of Trafalgar Street rather than the top. Searching for 48 Trafalgar Street will sometimes give a better location.

The road junction outside the Museum’s entrance can also be identified using the What3Words codewords taps.prone.pencil .