Finding us

The Invisible Museum

The view looking North from Frederick Place: Brighton Toy and Model Museum (red signage and double doors), beneath Brighton Station. The blue horizontal girderwork represents the station floor level

Although our front door is literally ninety seconds’ walk from the station ticket barriers, the fact that we are literally underneath the station cab rank can make us difficult to find.

When you exit through the front of the station, looking down Queens Road, you’ll see a small region over to your right (between Marks & Spencers and the bus stops) enclosed by black railings on three sides. Follow it towards the green-domed Grand Central Pub, and then turn around and look back – you’ll find yourself looking down what seems to be the entrance to an underground car park. This tunnel is the top of Trafalgar Street, and we’re underneath the bridgework, on the left hand side of the road.

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