Barrage Balloon Section (Britains 1749)

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Barrage Balloon Section (Britains 1749)

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Arch Two , Area 16
Aviation (display)
Shelf 03

A complete, boxed Balloon Barrage Section "Employing LZ type Barrage Balloon as used for Anti-Aircraft Defence" (also referred to on the box end as the Balloon & Winch set) produced by Britains Ltd. in the 1930s, as part of the Anti-Aircraft Units of the British Army series, set number 1749.

The series title on the top of the box label is "Anti-Aircraft Units of the British Army".

Associated parts

  • The Balloon on its own was available separately as item No.1760.
  • Although the box artwork also showed a Lorry, the lorry that the winch could be screwed to had to be bought separately, as item No.1641.