Education Sessions

Suitable for Early Years, KS1-2

Brighton Toy and Model Museum are delighted to present their brand new “Toys Through Time” learning session. This is an interactive, hands-on learning session that helps establish a chronology of toymaking in terms of materials used and encourages sequencing skills and group learning. This session looks at the progression from wooden toys to plastic and tells the story of some of the most famous Toy brands in the world. What inspired Meccano? How do toys move? Children will be able to explore, discover and of course, play their way through our timeline of toys. 

Want to make a day trip out of your visit to the museum? Then book our afternoon storytelling workshop – through a series of fun activities children will learn the “5 Fingers of Storytelling“. Using the collection as inspiration the children will learn the skills and tools to help them create their own stories when they return to school. During the morning the children will be learning about toys through the ages as “real life made miniature”, the storytelling session in the afternoon focus on “miniature made real life” with children choosing their favourite toy to create a story around.