About Us


We are an Arts Council accredited museum, and a registered independent charity (number 1001560).

Registered as a charity in 1991, the Museum was based on several important collections, and was originally known as the Sussex Toy and Model Museum. Since then, these collections have undergone a continuous year-on-year process of refinement and enhancement and have been joined by further collections to create one of the finest displays of model trains, tinplate toys and other related exhibits on public view anywhere in the world.

The Museum is largely run by a dedicated group of volunteers, without whose enthusiasm and hard work the Museum could not survive.

Toy and model restoration is undertaken by the Museum’s founder, Chris Littledale , one of the world’s foremost experts. The Education Department organise school visits and presentations, the building is used as a venue for small concerts and publicity launches, and the Research Department maintains one of the world’s largest online encyclopaedias for information on commercially produced toys and models.


Brighton Toy and Model Museum:

Chairman: V. Michel
Director: C. Littledale
Trustees: A. Pett, H. Marsh, A. Capo-Bianco, P. Bryant, Lord Faulkner, N. Bennett, G. Butler. N. Oddy
Secretary: N. Bennett
Honorary Patron: Ken Mathews
General Manager: Jan Etches

Littledale-Brough Trust (Collections Trust):

Chairman: C. Littledale
Trustees: V. Michel, M. Foster, E.A. Manthos, B. Potter, M. Simek, A. Capo-Bianco, M. Green, R. Childs
Secretary: C. Littledale

The two Trusts

The Collections Trust is the custodian of the collections, while the Museum Trust provides public access to the exhibits, and facilities. The Museum Trust is neither owner nor beneficial owner of any of the collections housed at the Museum.

The purpose of the separate Collections Trust is to provide additional protection for the collections, to ensure that they remain together and live on in perpetuity for the benefit of future generations.

Lineart diagram of the front of Brighton Toy and Model Museum