About Us

We are constantly striving to improve both the museum as a visitor attraction and the housed collection so don’t be surprised if you find some work being carried out during your visit. Ask any of our staff and we will be happy to tell you about what’s currently happening.


The Museum is an independent, non-profit making organisation.

It was founded and registered as a charitable trust in 1990. The trust was originally known as the Sussex Toy & Model Museum and was based on several important collections. Since 1990 these collections have been refined and enhanced to bring the museum to a point where it houses one of the finest displays of model trains, tinplate toys and other related exhibits on public view anywhere in the world. For this reason the museum is well patronised by collectors and experts from near and far.

Research students and school parties are frequent visitors, since toys are included in the National Curriculum. The majority of our visitors are the general public who come to see the collections and marvel at their diversity and quality. “I used to have one like that!” is a frequently heard cry.

The Museum is staffed by our Managers, Education Officer and a dedicated group of volunteers; without whose enthusiasm and hard work, the Museum could not survive.

Toy and model restoration is undertaken by the Museum’s founder, Chris Littledale , one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject.

One of the principal objectives of the charitable trust is to ensure that the collections remain together and live on in perpetuity for the benefit of future generations.


Museum Trust

Chairman: A. Pett
Director: C. Littledale
Trustees: V. Michel, H. Marsh, M. Simek, A. Capo-Bianco, R. Child
Secretary: N. Gibson

Collections Trust

Chairman: V. Michel
Trustees: M. Foster, E.A. Manthos, V. Michel, B. Potter, C. Littledale, M. Simek, A. Capo-Bianco
Secretary: C. Littledale


The Collections Trust is the custodian of the collections. The Museum Trust provides the facilities and public access to the exhibits. The Museum Trust is neither owner nor beneficial owner of any of the collections housed at the Museum.