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Some of the the new exhibits, activities and improvements to the museum infrastructure that appeared during 2015.

By month

January 2015

  • The small wallmount display of Micromodels vehicles in Arch Two has been replaced with a full-size end-cabinet containing an extension to the Corgi Toys collection.
  • An awesome display from the Sarah Leather collection of antique "themed" biscuit tins and related items, including toy buses and lorries, an aeroplane, and a very special set of C19th Tenniel-illustrated "Alice in Wonderland" biscuit tins.

February 2015

  • Installation of a new emergency lighting system.
  • Installation of an assistance alarm system for the disability-friendly toilet.
  • Return of the cast-iron paperweight collection.

March 2015

  • Installation of a swivelling tablet device by the Museum Shop's till, to help with giving visitors local information.
  • The museum finally gets the ability to take card payments!
  • Trial installation of NFC tags.
  • Pullman clerestory window
  • Carette 0-4-0 locomotive

April 2015

  • Takedown and reconstruction of the "US and European outline locomotives" display. Previously on the inside of the 1930s gauge 0 area, it's now been rebuilt on the outside, so that the contents are closer to the viewing public and better lit. Putting the display outside the central area also makes it easier to get at parts of the 1930s layout for servicing.
  • Rebuilt and re-lit Micromodels cabinet

May/June 2015

June 2015

August 2015

September 2015

October 2015

  • Display space for the 2016 Dollhouse Furniture display cleared, and given an interior damp-proofing shell. This space previously held the Japanese Dolls display.

November 2015

  • Acquisition of a scaffolding tower! This will make a range of maintenance work easier and let us hang another very large model aircraft in the lobby ...


  • Installation of a fold-down baby-changing table in the ladies/disabled toilet
  • New folding shelf by the top of the entry to the ticketed space, with additional visitor info
  • New visitor guides in French, German and Italian


  • Continued enlargement of the museum's exhibits information system
  • Ongoing work on the museum's Toys in the Community oral history project.


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