House of Knowledge biscuit tin (Crawfords Biscuits)

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House of Knowledge biscuit tin (Crawfords Biscuits)

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A lithographed tinplate "House of Knowledge" biscuit moneybox from by Crawfords, thought to date from circa ~1920.

This exhibit is from the collection of Sarah Leather


The tin is shaped like a wide rectangular house (proportions roughly 1:1:2) topped by tall steeply-sloped four-sided roof. The front has two large arched windows flanking a central doorway that has pillars on either side and an owl sitting above the door. The walls start out at the base as brickwork, but dissolve into clouds and sky with the roof's background being completely clouds and sky.

The roof carries star constellations, phases of the Moon and the Earth's orbit, and the base of the four walls carry the set of twelve zodiacal signs.

The roof also carries the words "House of Knowledge" in large yellow letters against the dark blue sky, with a high centrally-mounted money slot.

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