Sir Kreemy Knut tin, small (Sharps Toffee)

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Sir Kreemy Knut tin, small (Sharps Toffee)

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Arch Two , Area 9
Biscuit Tins (display)
Shelf 3

A very small orange mostly-rectangular tin with one slightly pointed end, with a lid illustration depicting the Sir Kreemy Knut Sharps Toffee promotional character, above the words "Sharp's Super-Kreem Toffee".

Sir Kreemy Knut is shown in a blue suit with red bow tie, black bowler hat and monocle, leaning jauntily on a black cane.

This exhibit is from the collection of Sarah Leather


The tin would have been included in a larger tin of Sharps Toffees, and would have contained a small cast and painted toy of Sir Kreemy Knut made by Britains Ltd., with his head at the upper, more "pointy" part of the tin, standing on a Sharp's Toffee contains at the more rectangular end.

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