Drum toffee tin (Sharps Toffee)

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Drum toffee tin (Sharps Toffee)

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Arch Two , Area 9
Biscuit Tins (display)
Shelf 2

A large cylindrical orange lithographed tinplate Sharps Toffee "drum" toffee tin.

This exhibit is from the collection of Sarah Leather


The tin is a functional "musical" drum, with plain pale cream-coloured ends and a bright orange printed curved side, showing a printed representation of zig-zagging drum-skin tensioning ropes, the Sharp's Super-Kreem Toffee logo, and an illustration of the Sir Kreemy Knut character.

The upper "skin" of the drum has an anchor point (presumably for attaching a neck-strap so that the drum can hang against the belly of the wearer), and a small clip (presumably for holding a beater).