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A list of the new exhibits and improvements to the museum infrastructure that appeared during 2014 (currently incomplete).

New displays

  • The 100 Years of Steam display went back to its owner, and the cabinet now holds a temporary display of small road vehicles. The plan is to use this cabinet to hold N-gauge and other small-gauge model railway pieces.
  • The Legend of Hornby display that was created for the 2013 Frank Hornby Anniversary was replaced with a new display commemorating World War One.

Infrastructure displays

  • The 00-gauge layout showing the East Sussex Countryside was looking a little tired, so we gave it a major overhaul and refit, including freshening up the scenery, rebuilding and customising the track, and installing a set of trackside buildings, accessories and cottages.
  • We renovated the Hastings East Hill Funicular Railway model, built a new mechanism for the carriages, and built it its own enclosure
  • The arched interior facade in the museum lobby was extended across the front wall
  • We build a theatre-shaped "window" in one wall of the Puppet Corner to use for storytelling activities on Children's Days.
  • We put an additional bookshelf for second-hand books alongside the Museum Shop counter, with a custom sign (RAILWAY BOOKS) and spotlight lighting
  • The 1930s gauge 0 layout gained a winerack-style storage area for carriages

started but not finished

  • The renovated East Hill Funicular display still needs fitting with a pushbutton
  • Work needs to continue on the 00-gauge town layout


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