Leyland PD3 Queen Mary double-decker No31 bus, Southdown BUF 272C (Corgi Original Omnibus)

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Leyland PD3 Queen Mary double-decker No31 bus, Southdown BUF 272C (Corgi Original Omnibus)

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A green and cream 1:76 diecast model Leyland PD3 "Queen Mary" double-decker bus, in Southdown livery, made by Corgi Toys.


The bus is part of the Corgi "The Original Omnibus Company" range, marked on the base as "The Original Omnibus", and often abbreviated in listings to "OOC".

The model is a number 31 bus for Chichester, Bognor Regis and Brighton, with numberplate BUF 272C, with the block capitals SOUTHDOWN lettering, and no advertising. The bus has a gream roof and cream windows, the rest of the bus being green, the overall effect being of four similar-height layers, consecutively green, cream, green, and cream again (startign from the bottom).

The Leyland "Queen Marys"

Corgi "COO" promotional text:

" In 1957 Southdown Motor Services was, to many, the finest bus company in the world. During the 1950s the demand for bus travel was falling away and along with other operators, Southdown began to look for ways of economising. Attention was directed towards buying large crew operated buses and although many operators favoured rear engined vehicles, Southdown preferred to specify front engined models of the newly pemissable 30ft. length. Between 1957 and 1967 Southdown took delivery of 285 Northern Counties bodied Leyland PD3s. These 8ft. wide, 30 ft. long, full front, forward entrance vehicles were the company's last two manned double deckers. Affectionately known as "Queen Marys", they all had long and interesting lives and after sale by Southdown, travelled to many parts of the world. "
" 272 was a May 1965 delivery which spent its early years working from Chichester. In 1972, it joined the Brighton Hove & District operation, acquiring a regular duty on service 26 which made it the last bus in Brighton on most nights. It was sold to confidence of Leicester in 1978 and worked for them longer than it was with Southdown! It passed into preservation in 1993. "

Corgi Original Omnibus BUF272C packaging text

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