Lucky Wheel biscuit tin (Jacobs Biscuits)

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Lucky Wheel biscuit tin (Jacobs Biscuits)

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A lithographed tinplate "Lucky Wheel" biscuit tin locking moneybox sold by Jacob's in the 1930s, and made by Barringer, Wallis & Manners.

This exhibit is from the collection of Sarah Leather


The tin's flat front and rear faces have a rounded top and a flat, slightly flared base, with a "lucky wheel" dial in the upper half.

The arrow hand spins when a coin is inserted into the slot, and rests on one of the twelve alternating blue and yellow panels, which show legends such as "Pleasant Surprise", "Thrilling Adventure", and "Present for You".

Other than the dial and pointer, the rest of the tin is predominantly red and dark blue, showing pairs of rabbits wearing human clothing, dancing upright on a red floor, with a backdrop of green decorated Christmas trees against a dark blue backdrop.


The overall shape is rather like that of a carriage clock (especially when the round twelve-segmented dial and hand are considered), suggesting that the tin's shape may have been recycled by Barringer, Wallis and Manners from an existing "clock" biscuit tin design.

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