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For 2015, we got ourselves a shiny new website, replacing the 2001 version (which had been upgraded and updated a few times, piecemeal) with a fresh new design, running on WordPress.

For the displays, we took out the whole European and US outline locomotives display and rebuilt it on the outside of the 1930s layout glass, where it's better lit and easier to see. We took out the "Forts and Castles" display and replaced it with The Sarah Leather Collection of lithographed tinplate novelty biscuit tine and toffee tins. This lovely collection of litho tinplate includes not just one of the original 1890s "Alice" biscuit tins authorised by Lewis Carroll, but three of them.

We also created a display to mark the centenary of Southdown Buses, took on a new Volunteer and Events Manager, Nadege Gault, to organise an intensive diary of events for the end of the year, and removed the Japanese Dolls display in Arch Two in order to strip out and rebuild the space in preparation for our 25th anniversary year in 2016 ...


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