Double Decker No11E Bus HP 1929 biscuit tin (Huntley and Palmers)

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Double Decker No11E Bus HP 1929 biscuit tin (Huntley and Palmers)

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A lithographed tinplate promotional clockwork six-wheeler No.11E "General Omnibus" Double Decker Bus biscuit tin produced for Huntley and Palmers, with an offset bonnet, forward-jutting cab roof, and open stairwell at the back.

This exhibit is from the collection of Sarah Leather


The bus is a red "General Omnibus" "London Six" double-decker (this being number LS3 of a set of twelve introduced between 1927 and 1929) with a curved removable cream main roof (to get at the biscuits), a smaller cream driver's roof, and six red-hubbed, grey-tyred metal wheels. The bus number on the sides is 11E, and the front destination panel proclaims that it is a Liverpool Street bus, going to Victoria, Westminster, Strand and Bank. The surprising amount of detail on the bus even extends as far as the wording of the General Omnibus notice on the lower sides in tiny black text.

The number across the top-front of the gold radiator, H.P. 1929, suggests that the model was probably first made (or at least designed) in 1929.


The main side-banner of the bus reads "Huntley and Palmer's Breakfast Biscuits" / "Crisp, Unsweetened, Better than Bread or Toast", with an illustration that includes an apparently cube-shaped biscuit tin.

On the top of each window on the lower deck are more biscuit advertisements, printed back-to-front so that they would be visible to the passengers "inside" the bus. These read "H&P Biscuits" (twice), "ZooWafers", "Osborne", and "Horlick".

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