Tree Stump Moneybox with Owl, LBZ

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Tree Stump Moneybox with Owl, LBZ

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Arch Two , Area 9
Biscuit Tins (display)
Shelf 3

A green-on-white lithographed tinplate tree stump moneybox.

This exhibit is from the collection of Sarah Leather


The box is shaped like a vertical treestump with a sawn-off sidebranch whose cut end has the coin slot. A small tinplate owl inhabits a recess or hole in the side of the main stump, and pops out when a coin is deposited.

The sides and top of the moneybox are decorated with a range of woodland creatures and creepy-crawlies.


The tin's lithography acts as a warning as to what can happen to delicate dyes and inks in direct sunlight – although the tin has quite a pleasant greeny-white colour scheme, it was originally a rich chestnut brown, as can be seen from the back of the owl figure when its, fully out of its hole. The owl's back would have been protected from sunlight, and is closer to the tin's original colours.

Owl detail showing contrast between the lithography's current faded remaining "bluegreen" inks and the originals