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The manufacturing of dollhouse furniture, miniatures and accessories got a major boost with the increasing standardisation of sizes. The creation first of Titania's Palace and then Queen Mary's Dolls' House, both in 1:12, "one inch to the foot" scale, helped cement "1:12" in the public mind as a semi-official "Doll House Scale", with owners of dollhouses with many rooms, but limited space, opting for the smaller 1:16. Although Britains stayed with 1:32 scale for their farm buildings and animals, zoos, Britains Garden and Britains Hospital, Britains had less need of third-party support, because they were producing all the accessories themselves.

With standardised sizes, it was possible to "pick and mix" from the best of different makers, which led to a boost for independent "cottage industry" makers who might have a talent for turning out wooden chairs, or wallpaper, but have no inclination to have to build their own ranges of dollhouses, or to produce pieces such as kitchenware that might lie outside their zone of manufacturing expertise. As had happened with model railways with the standardisation of gauges and scales, standardisation created an ecosystem of manufacturers – while it might be that buyers preferred to stay with furniture from a single manufacturer in order to maintain a consistent "look", standardisation meant that buyers didn't have the risk of committing to a format that was only supported by a single company - if a business went bust, there were plenty of other makers who could supply same-scale pieces.

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