Contemporary Three-Light Window with Opening Light (Tri-ang 1152)

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Contemporary Three-Light Window with Opening Light (Tri-ang 1152)

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Arch Two , Area 20
Dollhouse Miniatures 2 (display)


A fairly standard-looking dollhouse Contemporary 3-Light Window with Opening Light made by Tri-ang (part number 1152).

Tri-ang 1152, before cleaning


The window frame holds three window panels: a high largish square window, a less high, narrower portrait-format window (which opens in either direction), and above that, a smaller top window.

The clear windows and opaque fixed white frames are plastic: the plastic frames are split into inner and outer sections that are designed to clip together around a cutout in a dollhouse wall. The opening window has a clear unpainted raised frame, and is identical to the ones used in 1151.

Typical use

This three-window fitting is designed for dollhouses with higher ceilings.


The window frame is 146mm wide (155mm wide including side-protruding sills), and 103mm high.

Cutout size is approximately 141mm wide by 98mm high.