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One of the museum's biggest projects for 2016 is the creation of a brand new dollhouse furniture display, in Arch Two.

Assembly and lighting tests
April 2016: dressing the display space (left side)
April 2016: dressing the display space (right side)


This is a major undertaking with several stages:

May 2016 onwards

  • Adding extra shelf for additional exhibits
  • Planning the reorganisation of the museum's dollhouses

January to May 2016

  • The renovation, sealing and making good of the display space.
  • The design and creation of two modular display stands:
  • The creation of backdrops for the display "rooms", using images from a 1920 "doll book".
  • Sifting and sorting the museum's dollhouse furniture collection.
  • Cleaning and restoration work.
  • Research work, including scanning and editing catalogue and advertising images from the museum's archives, for internal use and for putting online as an information resource.
  • Identification of key manufacturers and product ranges.
  • Selecting a labelling method for the display space.
  • Arranging the exhibits and "props" in the display.
  • Creating online content.
  • Launching the new display in May 2016

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