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Pit-a-Pat dollhouse furniture

1931 - 1940s

Eric Lehman was living in London and importing toys in the late 1920s, and seems to have started an actual manufacturing company in around 1930/31, using the PIT-A-PAT name and exhibiting at the British Industries Fair in 1932.

The range continued to expand through the mid-to-late 1930s, with the number of pieces in the catalogue going into triple-digits. The company's premises were trashed by the Blitz during World War Two, after which the business moved out of London. Although Lehman continued making products after the War, the PIT-A-PAT range seems not to have reappeared – perhaps the tooling and designs might have been destroyed with the factory, and Lehman might have preferred to spend his energies on new products rather than trying to rebuild and update the range.

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