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Jennys Home

1965 - 1970

The Jenny's Home, or Jennys Home range of dollhouse furniture (1965-1970) was the third incarnation of Tri-ang's post-war diecast-metal-and-plastic dollhouse furniture range. Lines Brothers, owners of the Tri-ang name, went bust in 1971 and were subsequently broken up.


Originally launched as Spot-On Dollhouse Furniture, with the Spot-On brand signifying accuracy, and with the brand meant to supplement the existing range of Triang dollhouses, the Lines Brothers marketing department realised that if the range was going to be used by children rather than adults, then play value was probably more of a selling point than cold accuracy, and the range was rebranded as Dollies Home.

A second rebranding swiftly followed as the success of the Barbie doll, and Triang's own new doll and accessory range Sindy showed that what young girls wanted from a dollhouse range in the 1960s was not something that represented a house for anonymous dolls, but something that represented a house for them – a range that represented their own personal lifestyle and lifestyle aspirations. Playing with Sindy and Barbie allowed girls to identify with the dolls and rehearse what their future life might turn out to be like, and assigning a doll range a specific name created a stronger and more personal branding.

The range was duly renamed from the childish "Dollies Home" to the more personal Jennys Home. Jenny had parents, and a dog, and a set of playground furniture, and also had her own toys including a doll's pram and her own dollhouse to play with ... but she also had her own bright red open-top sports car.

The "Jenny's Home" range was less strongly targeted at owners of existing conventional dollhouses - the furniture could also be played with on the living room carpet or used to furnish a shoebox, and Triang's range included sets of clip-together plastic rooms that could be used stand-alone or combined to create a modern dollhouse "apartment" living-space, which didn't assume that everyone necessarily identified with dolls that lived in large Victorian detached dollhouses with sloping roofs and chimneys.

1967 promotional text:

Build it and furnish it, room by room.

Something new, something different! Single plastic rooms that can be "added to", one by one, and when joined together can be made into a flat, or bungalow, or maisonette, or house, or mansion, or a block of flats, or a skyscraper, or a whole town!

In furnishings too – it's different! Each basic room comes complete with its own carpet and window curtains. All one has to do is furnish it, from an amazingly varied and practical range of furniture. "Jenny's Home" was planned in association with "Homes and Gardens" magazine to make a dolls dream come true!

— , -, , 1967

1967 range:


Small Room JR.101 and Large Room JR.102

Main sets


1970 listing:

  • JH7 – “Playtime” Seesaw, Garden Swing, Chute.
  • JH8 – “Garden Shed” Work Bench and Tools, Lawn Mower, Garden Roller, Wheelbarrow and Tools.
  • JH14 – “Roof Garden Set” Balcony Railings and Sun Lounge Chair.
  • JH16 – “Dining Room” Dining Table, 4 Chairs, Sideboard, Standard Lamp, 4 Cushions.
  • JH17 – “Living Room” Setee, Armchair, Low Easy Chair, Coffee Table, Table Lamp, Radio/T.V. Console, 3 Cushions.
  • JH18 – “Bedroom” Single Bed, Low Easy Chair, Stool, Dressing Table, Wardrobe.
  • JH19 – “Kitchen” Sink Unit, Kitchen Table, Cooker, 3 Kitchen Chairs.
  • JH20 – “Bathroom” Bath, Washbasin W.C. Unit, Airing Cupboard, Bath Mat, Chair and Mirror.
  • JH21 – Wing Setee and 2 Wing Chairs.
  • JH22 – Sideboard, Plated Tray, Vases and Fruit Bowl.
  • JH23 – Desk, Upright Chair and Plated Vases.
  • JH26 – Radiogram, Plated Vases and Table Lamp.
  • JH27 – Mini-Royal Piano and Stool.
  • JH28 – Double Bed and Bedclothes Set.
  • JH30 – Chest of Drawers, Bedroom Stool and Table Lamp.
  • JH31 – Dressing Table, Bedroom Stool and Plated Vases.
  • JH33 – Kitchen Cabinet, 3 Food Items.
  • JH35 – Kitchen Table, 2 Utility Chairs, 3 Food Items.
  • JH36 – Electric Cooker, 2 Saucepans, Frying Pan, 3 Food Items.
  • JH37 – Prestcold Refrigerator, 3 Food Items.
  • JH38 – Folding Steps, Vacuum Cleaner, Broom Cupboard, Set of Brooms, Dustbin.
  • JH39 – Washing Machine, Folding Steps and Washbasin.
  • JH40 – Noah’s Ark, Doll’s House, Rocking Horse.
  • JH41 – Lawnmower, Garden Roller, Watering Can.
  • JH42 – Wheelbarrow and Tools, Trug, Flower Pots, Vegetables.
  • JH45 – Jenny with brown hair and dog.
  • JH46 – “Working” Jenny, Table and Chair.
  • JH47 – Parents: Mother and Father.
  • JH49 – “Riding” Jenny and Pony.
  • JH50 – Jenny with blonde hair and dog.
  • JH51 – “Swinging” Jenny, Radio/T.V. Console and Stool.
  • JH52 – “Dressing” Jenny, Dressing Table and Stool.
  • JH54 – “Viewing” Mother, Radio/T.V. Console and Stool.
  • JH55 – “Walking” Mother, Baby Tim and Pram.
  • JH80 – “Motoring” Jenny and Push-along Sports Car.
  • JH102 1 Large Room. No furniture.
  • JH108 1 Large and 1 Small Room with Furniture and Jenny.
  • JH109 2 Large and 1 Small Room with Furniture and Jenny.
  • JH111 Builder Set. Small Room.
  • JH2000 Two Chairs.
  • JH2001 Two Dining Room Chairs.
  • JH2002 Low Easy Chair.
  • JH2003 Wash Hand Basin.
  • JH2004 Dining Room Table.
  • JH2010 Armchair.
  • JH2011 Kitchen Table with alternative top.
  • JH2020 Sideboard.
  • JH2021 Bookcase and Books.
  • JH2022 Radio/T.V. Console.
  • JH2023 Chest of Drawers and Stool.
  • JH2024 W.C. Unit.
  • JH2024 Bookcase, Plated Vases and Standard Lamp.
  • JH2025 Wardrobe.
  • JH2026 Bath and Bath Mat.
  • JH2030 Setee.
  • JH2031 Single Bed.
  • JH2032 Dressing Table.
  • JH2033 Sink Unit.
  • JH2038 Standard Lamp.
  • JH2039 Table Lamp.
  • JH2040 Pram and Baby.

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