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Titania's Palace is a famous and extravagantly exquisite dollhouse built in Ireland by the cabinetmakers James Hicks & Sons, under commission from Sir Nevile Wilkinson (1869 – 1940).

The eighteen-room dollhouse is built to standard 1:12 dollhouse scale, and was built over a period spanning approximately 1907 to 1922, and is full of miniature artworks and antique dollhouse furniture. The palace was exhibited in Ireland and around the world, raising money for Irish children's charities.

It's rated as one of the World's greatest dollhouses, along with Queen Mary's Dolls' House, and Titania's replacement, Tara's Palace.

The car

Unusually for Fairy Queens, Queen Titania also apparently owned a 1/12-scale car called the Grey Fairy, a ~1907 15hp Humber Tourer.

1922 description


Sir Neville Wilkinson tells on the opposite page how he came to build Titania's Palace, which might be described as a "super doll's house", practically a museum in miniature of Italian art. The story is told at length in his book, "Yvette in Italy and Titania's Palace", published by Messrs. Hodder and Stoughton. Part of the profits of the book are to be divided between The League of Pity (National Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and The Children's Union (Waifs and Strays). The above photograph shows the Vestibule, the smallest portion of the building. It is Florentine in feeling, and the shields of arms held by the fairies are those of the Guilds of Florence.; while on the coved ceiling are the arms of the principal Florentine families. Sir Neville has worked the whole scheme on the scale of one inch to one foot. The interior decoration was also carried out by them, with the assistance of friends and fellow-craftsmen who carry out his designs. He only commenced this palace since the war, and has done practically all the interior himself, in his spare time. The exterior is the work of Mr James Hicks and Mr Thomas Lennon, of Dublin. The whole building covers an area of about fifty square feet.

— , -, , The Illustrated London News, , 11th February 1922

1967, 1978 auctions, relocation to Egeskov Castle, Denmark

When further touring became impractical, the palace was put up for auction in 1967, and moved to England where it stayed for around ten years (exhibited at Wookey Hole) before being auctioned again, at which point it was widely assumed that it would end up back in Ireland.

However, the dollhouse was bought at this second auction in 1978 by the Lego company and is currently on display in the Rigborg Room, Egeskov Castle, Denmark.

Tara's Palace

Shocked by the fact that a major piece of Irish Heritage had now left the country, apparently permanently, a group of Irish antiques dealers created a consortium to build a world-class replacement, and after around twenty years of work, the new dollhouse, Tara's Palace, was installed at the Museum of Childhood in Dublin, where it remains as a tourist attraction.

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