Carpet (Nuways model furniture 8450-1)

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Carpet (Nuways model furniture 8450-1)

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Arch Two , Area 19
Antique and Vintage Dollhouse Miniatures (display)

A room's main Carpet No.8450-1, sold by Bassett-Lowke Ltd. in the 1930s as part of the Nuways dollhouse furniture range.

1930s catalogue text:

" These carpets are quite unique, being exact replicas as far as scale will permit of Persian design Wilton carpets. They are made of good quality velvet fringed at either end. Stocked in four basic colours, blue, green, old rose and old gold.
Size overall, 13 1/2" × 9 1/2". No.8450/1. Price 2/6d each. "
Catalogue entry: Nuways 8450 Carpet