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Period scale model dolls furniture

1921 -     

Lines Brothers (Tri-ang) used the brandname Period for their range of mostly-wooden dollhouse furniture in the 1930s.

The Period ranges were premium products,

" Each piece of Period Scale Model Furniture is packed in a handsome box. "

, and were expensive to make, due to the high labour costs involved, a situation that Tri-ang tried to ameliorate by also offering Queen Anne "Drawing Room" and "Bedroom Suite" constructional sets, so that buyers could save money by doing the time-consuming assembly, staining, lacquering and fabric-covering themselves.

It was eventually decided that the range wasn't economic to produce, and Period didn't reappear after WW2. This left Tri-ang in the odd position of being a company that made dollhouses but had no dollhouse furniture or accessories to offer buyers, a situation that was rectified with the appearance of a plastic-and-diecast-metal Spot-On range in the 1960s.

"Period" Queen Anne and Jacobean dollhouse furniture ranges


Queen Anne range (QA):

This was the main range, with an emphasis on curved legs and feet.

" Perfect proportion was one of the keynotes of the Queen Anne Period, this has been faithfully reproduced in the Period scale model furniture.
All Queen Anne models have beautiful walnut finish.
Queen Anne Chairs and Settee are covered in floral material (an exact copy of the early petit-point pattern). All the furniture has beautifully-turned Cabriole legs, a leading characteristic of the period. "
Queen Anne Bedroom Set

QA1 Dining Cabinet ... QA2 Writing Bureau ... QA3 Writing Armchair ... QA4 Chair No.2 ... QA5 Chair No.1 ... QA6 Firescreen ... QA7 China Cabinet ... QA8 Easy Chair ... QA9 Setee ... QA10 Side Table ... QA11 Console Table ... QA12 Occasional Table ... QA13 Hanging Mirror ... QA14 Dining Room Table ... QA15 Footstool ... QA16 Wardrobe ... QA17 Bedstead ... QA18 Dressing Mirror No.1 ... QA19 Chest of Drawers ... QA20 Grand Piano ... QA21 Upright Piano ... QA22 Music Stool ... QA23 Dresser and Plates ...

Jacobean Range (J):

These were more angular, with more right-angles, and with darker wood.

"All Jacobean models finished in dark oak."
Jacobean Dining Room Set No.2

J50 Court Cupboard ... J51 Chair No.3, velvet seat ... J52 Chair No.4, imitation hide seat ... J53 Four-Poster Bed ... J54 Oak Chest ... J55 Armchair, velvet seat ... J56 Armchair, imitation hide seat ... J57 Dressing Mirror No.2 ... J58 Side Table ... J59 Refectory Table ... J60 Fireplace (no light) ... J61 Fireplace with light and battery ... J62 Draw-leaf Table ... J63 Monk's Bench ... J64 Grandfather Clock, complete with movement ... J64 Grandfather Clock, case only ...

Modern Furniture Set:

" Modern furniture for the modern doll's House. Bright metal tubular framework, upholstered chairs and armchairs. Highly finished table top."
Modern Furniture Set

Knole Suite

" A delightful suite in miniature of a well-known Tudor design. Both Settee and Armchairs are beautifully upholstered in rich scarlet and gold. "
Tudor Knole Suite

Mickey Doll's Nursery Suite

" This charming set of Doll's House Furniture includes: Cot with drop side, Rocking Chair, Table with cutout of Pluto underneath, High Chair, Cupboard with opening doors, shelves and a drawer. Packed in a handsome box. "
Mickey Mouse / Disney Characters nursery dollhouse furniture set

Constructional Sets

" Each piece is delicately cut out and shaped. The set is complete with stain, lacquer, upholstery and full equipment, also step by step instruction leaflet for making this wonderful scale model Period furniture. "

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