Bedroom Dollhouse Furniture, boxed (Dinky Toys 102)

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Bedroom Dollhouse Furniture, boxed (Dinky Toys 102)

Bedroom Furniture set, box lid (Dinky Toys 102).jpg Catalogue image, 1939 (i)
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Arch Two , Area 20
Dollhouse Miniatures 2 (display)

1936 - 1940

A boxed set of painted diecast Bedroom Dollhouse Furniture made by Meccano Ltd. from 1936-40, and sold as Dinky Toys set No. 102.

The box is displayed open, with the contents strung onto a purple patterned backing board.

Bedroom Furniture contents

No. 102a
No. 102b
Wardrobe (Opening door)
No. 102c
Dressing Table (Opening drawers)
No. 102d
Dressing Chest (Opening drawer)
No. 102e
Dressing Table Stool
No. 102f

1939 catalogue entry

Dinky Toys Bedroom Furniture Set 102