Contemporary Large Panel Window (Tri-ang 1150)

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Contemporary Large Panel Window (Tri-ang 1150)

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Arch Two , Area 20
Dollhouse Miniatures 2 (display)


A distinctive three-panel "glass wall" dollhouse Contemporary Large Panel Window made by Tri-ang (part number 1150), probably at the Belfast Castlereigh plant around 1960-1969.

Tri-ang 1150, photographed before cleaning


The window consists of a large, full-dollhouse-person-height plastic panel, divided into three vertical panels by raised frame uprights, that can serve as a set of patio windows (when used on the ground floor) or as a glass wall (when used on an upper floor). Protruding tabs top and bottom allow the panel to be built into a dollhouse wall.

Perhaps surprisingly, the raised moulded frames aren't painted, and the whole piece is transparent.

Two of these panels are used as the front of the Triang Bungalow A rebuild.