Vacuum Cleaner (Nuways model furniture 8124)

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A Model Vacuum Cleaner No.8124, sold by Bassett-Lowke Ltd. in the 1930s as part of the Nuways dollhouse furniture range.


In the catalogue image, the cleaner's dust bag is marked "ANFOE". ANFOE was the brandname of Andreas Förtner, the German company that Stefan Bing had bought after leaving his family's company Bing Werke. Stefan was already using the company to make Trix construction sets in Germany, and would be invited by Wenman Joseph Bassett-Lowke to cooperate in a joint project to manufacture a new range of 00-gauge model railways in the mid-1930s, Trix Twin Railway

However, it seems that the relationship between B-L and Stefan Bing may have extended to Stefan's new company making also at least some of the B-L Nuways dollhouse furniture range.

1930s catalogue text:

" This is a model of the latest type electric suction cleaner. Made throughout of metal plated, with swivel handle finished black. The dust bag is made of black cloth. Length 5".
No.8124 . . . Price 1/-
Catalogue entry: Nuways 8124 Vacuum Cleaner