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  Brighton Parks and Gardens  50.822979 , -0.137816 coordinates: 50.822979 , -0.137816

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1933 description:


A CENTURY and a half ago Dr. Johnson, depressed through temporary exile at Brighton from his favourite Fleet Street, lamented that if a man wished to hang himself it would be difficult to find a tree in Brighton on which to fasten a rope. Anyone who spoke in such terms of Brighton to-day would probably have to face a knot of indignant townsmen more than ready to find the tree for him. The central valley of the town is, in fact, practically a continuous park, with trees, lawns and flower-beds, extending inland for nearly a mile.

To the great prose-poet of Nature, Richard Jefferies, who resided for a time at Hove, the treelessness of Brighton was one of the town's charms. "Let nothing," he wrote, "cloud the descent of those glorious beams of sunshine which fall at Brighton. Watch the pebbles on the beach; the foam runs up and wets them; almost before it can slip back the sunshine has dried them again. Bitter sea and glowing light, bright clear air, dry as dry – that describes the place. Spain is the country of sunlight, burning sunlight; Brighton is a Spanish town in England, a Seville."

— , -, , A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Brighton and Hove, 10th Edition, , Ward, Locke & Co Ltd., , 1933


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