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The Royal Spa in Queen's Park was situated directly between the two Queens Park gates, and attracted many well-off visitors to the park.

Eventually the expensive spa went out of fashion, and the site continued as a bottling plant. After this closed, the site became somewhat derelict, and was demolished and turned into a school, with just the park-facing facade preserved.

1838 description


One of the leading features of this projection is the German Spa Establishment, where chemical imitations of the celebrated mineral waters of Germany are prepared in such perfection, as not to be distinguishable either in taste or effect from the original springs. They present to the invalid the waters of Carlsbad, Ems, Marienbad, Auschowitz, Eger, Pyrmont, Spa, Geilnan, Selters, Seidsschutz, Pulina.

During the summer months the place is much and fashionably frequented by those anxious to derive benefit from the waters. ...

The prices of subscription to the German Spa are £1. 1s. weekly.

— , Saunders, , The Stranger's Guide in Brighton; Being a Complete Companion to that Fashionable Place, and the Rides and Drives in Its Vicinity., , 1838

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