Tile House, Preston Park

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  Brighton Parks and Gardens  50.839383 , -0.146158 coordinates: 50.839383 , -0.146158

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Preston Park's Tile House (a.k.a. "The Ladies' Pavilon" / "The Octagonal Pavilion" / "The Gingerbread House") is a Grade II-listed timber-frame building with tiled panels.


Although there seem to be some confusion about the exact origins of the building and its tiling, there seems to be a general consensus that it was used to show off a tile company's products at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley Park in 1924/1925, that it seems to have been bought by the Council in ~1929 for use as a Ladies' Pavilion for Preston Park, and that it seems to have been designed by Brighton's Borough Surveyor Philip Lockwood ... who, however, died some years earlier in 1908. If all of this information is correct, there would still seem to be a mystery about the building's original purpose and location, and where it was between its original construction and 1924. Was it constructed when Lockwood was still alive, and served some other purpose before the BEE? Or was it constructed for the BEE exhibition from an existing set of Lockwood plans?

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