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Queens Park has two main arched stone gateways, both on the southern side of the park, on either side of the old Royal Spa.

This is in keeping with the original concept of the area being a private park with gated access, surrounded by an elongated horseshoe of private luxury villas (which were never built), forming a gated community for the well-off. Although the text on the gates says that they commemorate the gift of the park to the town, there presumably would have been gates at these locations before this – the gates would have been necessary when the park was private or subscriber-only, and rather less necessary once it became a publicly-owned space that anyone could enter without paying.

Egremont Gate

The main Gate is Egremont Gate, which marks the transition between Egremont Place (which leads up to it from the outside) and West Drive (which continues initially in pretty much a straight line inside the park)

Egremeont Gate is the park's "grand entrance", and is set a little back from the roadway, producing a space for carriages to turn, and also making sure that passers-by get to see a proper view of the full width of the gate in all its glory.

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