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The Grade II*-listed Pavilion Gardens North Gate is one the main entrances to the Pavilion Gardens for visitors coming South down Grand Parade or through Victoria Gardens, or eastwards along Church Street past the Brighton Dome. It's almost adjacent to the Dome building complex. The entrance to Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, inside the Gardens, is just inside.


The North Gate was a late addition to the Gardens, and although the degree to which it matches the rest of the nearby architecture suggests that it might have been based on an original design by Nash, the gate itself wasn't built until 1832 (two years after George's death in 1830), and is credited to the architect Joseph Good. Above the gateway is inscribed "WR IIII", for William IV, George's younger brother (his daughter Charlotte having already died), and the date 1832 in Roman numerals.


The gate itself is high with a square or squarish plan, with a octagonal columning in each of the four corners, topped by minarets. The central space has an ornamental dome inside and is topped by a bluegreen oxidised copper onion dome, similar to those on the Brighton Dome complex.

Flanking the gate are two additional building sections with a similar plan and design, but only around half the height, and approximately cube-proportioned.

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