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The 1940s represents a bit of a black spot for metal toys in general, in that the outbreak of World War Two (1939-45) shortly resulted in the shutdown of pretty much all metal toys, as factory space and materials were repurposed for war work, and metal toy production banned unless there was some special justification.

World War Two

Dinky continued production for a short amount of time, and produced a Spitfire pendant that was used to raise money for a fund to buy a real Spitfire fighter aircraft, with all income from the model going to the fund. Churchill seems to have been a fan of the company's products, and there's a painting of WS playing with a large Meccano bridge, but eventually not only was the production of metal toys shut down, but also their distribution and sale.


With the cessation of the war in Europe in 1945, Meccano Magazine announced that "A limited supply of the smaller Meccano Outfits and a first installment of Dinky Toys will be ready during December", and new models started to appear in April 1946 (initially No.38c Lagonda Sports Coupé and No.153a Jeep), although these initial models were apparently 1930s designs created before the war, but which hadn't been able to be put into production.

New Dinky Toy production ramped up over the next few years, but apart from some of the WW2-era planes and military vehicles, it was a decade that found it difficult to leave its mark on the product range, with many of the new cars being open-topped prewar vehicles (like the Jaguar SS100 which had ceased production back in 1940), and as far as the production and design of the toys was concerned, there wasn't much to distinguish them from the Dinky Toys of the 1930s.