Coles Mobile Crane (Dinky Supertoys 571)

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Coles Mobile Crane (Dinky Supertoys 571)

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Model 571
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
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1949 - 1965

A yellow Dinky Supertoys 571, Coles Mobile Crane with its original box.

This is a yellow crane with black four-wheeled undercarriage and treads, produced between 1949-65. The crane body rotates on its base, the crane jib raises and lowers, and the crane hook is attached to a cord that allows the hook to be lifted or lowered by winding a handle on the side of the cab.


Coles was one of the preeminent manufacturers of road-going mobile cranes, and one of the world's largest crane manufacturers, developing systems of crane hydraulics and telescoping booms, and some of the world's most impressive cranes. The Coles Colossus, produced in the 1950s, was the world's largest mobile crane.

The company was founded by Henry Coles (1847-1905), who had originally worked at Appleby Brothers, a company that made railway cranes.

Coles were acquired by Acrow Group in 1972. Acrow went bust in '74, Grove then bought the assets and operated "Coles Cranes" until 1998.

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