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Dinky Boats

1970s -     

As far as weare aware, the new range of Dinky Toys boats that appeared in the mid-1970s consisted of just five models. The design philosophy and the look and feel of these model boats seemed to mesh with the 1970s range of Dinky model aircraft: these were large, chunky, robust, diecast-metal-and-plastic toys vehicles that all had extra play value thanks to their ability to fire plastic projectiles (rockets in the case of 671, 972, 974 and 975, and depth charges in the case of 673). All had hidden "Speedwheels" except 674, whose wheels were deliberately visible.


  • 671 – MkI Corvette
  • 672 – Osa Missile Boat
  • 673 – Submarine Chaser – generic design
  • 674 – Coastguard Amphibious Missile Launch
  • 675 - Motor Patrol Boat


Model 672 is of the Soviet Navy's Project 205 Moskit (Mosquito) class of missile boat (400 built between built 1960-1973), codenamed Osa by NATO, after the Russian word for "Wasp" (presumably the word "mosquito" was already taken).

Model 674 looks rather puzzling – why would a coastguard boat include a hidden missile launcher? And have wheels??? Like model 602 This model is supposed to have been designed as a tie-in for a Gerry Anderson series, in this case, "The Investigator", that was never shown. Just to make things even more confusing, the number 674 was previously used for the Dinky model of an army Austin "Champ".

Review descriptions

January 1974:

No. 675 Motor Patrol Boat,

produced to a scale of 1:180. Features include an intricately detailed casting, realistic representations of a life raft, a radar scanner, a mast, davits and supplementary fuel tanks. Action features include swivelling guns, a twin-missile firing mechanism and Speedwheels. Overall finish is in grey with yellow decks, black guns and fuel tanks, and orange ancilliaries.

January 1976

No. 671 Mk.1. Corvette,
measuring no less than 260mm in length! Features include a 3-barrel anti-submarine mortar which, when tilted, fires three plastic mortar charges, in sequence, over the bows. In addition, it sports two rotatable deck guns, two moulded lifeboats on davits, and a mast. Mounted on four concealed Speedwheels, the corvette is finished overall in grey with a light brown deck, black camouflaging and an identificaton label on either side of the bow.

No.672 O.S.A. Missile Launcher,
produced to 1/200th scale and measuring 206mm in length. It features four, indpendently operating missile launchers, a rotatable gun representation, a rotatable searchlight and a mast/radar-scanner unit. Mounted on four Speedwheels, the O.S.A.2. is finished overall in deep grey with a light grey deck, white superstucture and black ancilliaries.

October 1976

No. 674 Coastguard Amphibious Missile Launch.
Features include a robust body casting, a representation of a twin jet unit surmounted by a crosstreed mast, a detailed interior moulding complete with high-back seats and driver figure, a wrap-around windscreen and a searchlight. Of specialinterest is a spring-loaded hatch in the foredeck which rotates through 180° to reveal a working missile launcher that fires harmless plastic ammunition. Measuring 155mm in length, the model is finished overall inwhite with blue ancillaries and a red interior.

April 1977


Although not modelled on a true-life original, this excellent model is highly representative of the type of purpose-built vessel likely to be involved in the hazardous business of anti-submarine warfare.

As to be expected from Dinky, casting detail is of the highest order, highlighting such features as bollards, winches, doors, grilles, and even lifebelts.In addition, the toy also sports moulded reresentations of of a rotating forward gun, a radar dome, a radio aerial and a crosstreed mast. Of special interest is a spring-loaded depth-charge launcher situated on the after deck which, when a knurled wheel is turned, ejects a depth-chanrge over the stern in an extremely realistic manner.

Continuous fire is facilitated by the inclusion of a sloping ammunition deck which holds six charges; when a charge is fired, the next charge automatically drops into position, ready for firing.

Being die-cast in metal, the Chaser will not, of course, float, but mobility is made possible by three miniature wheels which are cleverly concealed beneath the hull, so as not to spoil the model's clean lines. Measuring 195mm in length, the submarine Chaser is finished ovrall in blue-grey with a grey deck, a light grey superstructure and black ancillaries.

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